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Over the weekend, people with review units of the Pixel 2 XL began noticing a problem. No, not the already-known issues of muddy color and grainy textures when viewed in low-light, but one that's potentially more worrisome: screen burn-in. First reported on Twitter by Android Central's Alex Dobie, multiple people have noticed that when you look at the screen with a gray background, you can see faint outlines of the phone's navigation buttons on the bottom.

You can see it below, and I can confirm I'm seeing something similar on my own review unit.

The display problems of the Pixel 2 XL - due to its LG-made panel - are baffling. Google claims it's getting serious about hardware, but putting a panel in your flagship phone that isn't only sub-par when it's working, but is also showing burn-in after mere days of use, is wholly and utterly inexcusable. This is not a budget, €150 phone - this is a flagship phone with a flagship price, and consumers deserve better than this clearly garbage display.

Another year, another round of flagships, another year of the iPhone simply being the best all-round option for most, normal people. For most average, normal people, the iPhone will give them an easy-to-use, secure, and updated phone with a decent resale value two to three years down the line. Additionally, Apple Stores or official Apple retailers are widespread, so you often have easy access to in-person customer service.

Samsung/HTC/LG phones don't get updates - or only six months after the fact - but carry the same flagship price, often leaving their users with insecure and out of date software. The Nexus program no longer exists, and Google's Pixel phones are only available in like 2 countries, and on top of that, its flagship model has a display worse than my Palm T|X. The Android market is in a terrible state right now.

Anybody who doesn't care about software and hardware the way most of us do is, years and years in, still best served by an iPhone. Depending on budget, get an iPhone 6S, 7, or 8 (forget the ridiculously overpriced iPhone X); the Android world simply doesn't have a phone that can compete with any of those three - and that's a sad state of affairs. Google has been wholly unable to address the biggest problems Android suffers from - most notably, updates - and we're way past the point where this can be excused without really scraping the bottom of the barrel of excuses.

Suggesting non-nerdy, regular people get an Android phone at this point in time is simply irresponsible.

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Apple is DEAD
by crocodile on Wed 25th Oct 2017 19:30 UTC
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Apple is only the number 2 worlwide as market share with only 14%. Every year Apple's marketshare worlwide is shrinking. Next year Huawei will be number 2 and Apple will be number 3. iPhone is a luxurious product for a niche market. Google has won the war!
iOS has a good presence in rich countries, it has a perfectly viable size in many of them, but it is non-existent in India, Africa etc. Google's Android won this war. Always the small guy (that is Apple) dies when has such a small market share! The TRUTH is, that Apple can NEVER be a viable smartphone OS for a global reach. That is CERTAIN. They have LOST the platform war.
iOS is DESTINED to become a NICHE like Mac OS became. For niche audiences only. A very LARGE niche yes, if they have 10% of global handsets say year 2025 but still only a niche. Most developers can safely ignore iOS by then.
App developers will see the users and reach and money and follow it, and soon the moment comes, when app developers don't BOTHER TO RELEASE iPhone versions !!! This is INEVITABLE. 12% is FAR TOO SMALL to bother with your first edition games if the alternative is 88%. And no matter how much some apple fanatics will yell 'but our users are richer' the app developer says - I need USERS. I need REACH. I will go with Android. That is the NEXT STAGE that WILL INEVITABLY COME.

BTW Google is being smart about this. They KNOW they have won. They don't WANT Apple to go away into its corner and sulk. They WANT to pretend there is still a battle between these two, because Google know they have ALREADY WON the WAR. The longer Apple puts its efforts into marketing the rival app platform - the better it is for Google.
That does NOT mean that Apple dies. Apple will live on happily ever after but their iOS ecosystem will only serve the dwindling flock of iSheep who will continue to pay the iTax.
Apple will be a healthy company with fiercely loyal customers but it has zero chance of maintaining the current illusion of a global reach digital platform. As that image crumbles, part of Apple's glory, youth loyalty, and ability to turn obscene profits will disappear.

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