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Apple will be releasing the code of the operating system and applications of the Apple Lisa.

Just wanted to let everyone know the sources to the OS and applications were recovered, I converted them to Unix end of line conventions and space for Pascal tabs after the files using Disk Image Chef, and they are with Apple for review. After that's done, the Computer History Museum will do a CHM blog post about the historical significance of the software and the code that is cleared for release by Apple will be made available in 2018. The only thing I saw that probably won't be able to be released is the American Heritage dictionary for the spell checker in LisaWrite.

Merry Christmas everybody.

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"Readonly source.

Except that it isn't. You can modify it, you can do non commercial things, but you are limited in uses and cannot republish without permission.

I would like to propose: Exhibit Source

Modifications that don't see the light of day because you don't have permission to republish it basically don't exist. It would be no different than someone having downloaded the source code and a hard drive corruption jumbles some of the bits around.

All museum exhibits are readonly, and those conditions (mainly the republish one) makes the code readonly in effect. You basically can't do anything with it other than post snippets of it for historical commentary.

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