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There are a lot of great smartphone options available at any given moment, so it can be a challenge to sort through them all if you're trying to choose the absolute best one. The stakes here can't be understated: your smartphone is the most important gadget in your life, and you ll probably be living with the one you buy for at least a year, if not two or three.

Most of the time, there's a phone that stands out from the pack in all the areas that matter: performance, value, camera, and support. But this year, depending on who you ask, you could get as many as four different answers for what the best phone is to buy. And depending on what kind of phone user you are, any one of them could be the ideal phone for you.

The answer has been the iPhone for years, and as long as expensive Android flagships don't get updates and the Google Pixel is only available in three countries, that's not going to change any time soon - whether Android people like it or not.

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One problem is that often, going below the flagship gives an awful experience with poor update availability, horrific CPUs that can't keep up with the modern web, and all of that.

Granted, Apple at least has the policy of selling the two previous generations of flagship, and now has made the "standard" iPhone not a flagship, and a 2 year old iOS flagship is almost certainly a better idea than a similarly priced Android device if you're fine with iOS.

If you're not, though...

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