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Linux The purpose of this review is to provide some additional exposure to source-based Linux distributions in general, and Sorcerer in particular. We've been using Sorcerer where I work since January of this year and have been completely satisfied with the experience. Hopefully this review will give you a good idea of why we use Sorcerer, and it may move you to try it yourself. I'm no systems adminstrator, so if I can install and work with Sorcerer, most people with a little Linux experience will be able to also.
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Kyle Sallee
by Jan on Fri 10th Oct 2003 05:18 UTC

I tried this when it first started some years ago. There was a big fight because Kyle Sallee, the founder, had no job and was depressed. Well, the development was almost all his, and no one could help or else he would tell them to stop and not use their work. Then he did allow help but complained that everyone was against him. Then he decided that he would cease the distribution, and told everyone they had no right to use any of it. Even though it was GPLd. So naturally there are several forks, mentioned above. First Lunar, and then others.

No matter what I would never recommend that anyone depend on this distribution, because that means having some dependance on Kyle Sallee, and he has shown himself to be unreliable and even perhaps mentally unstable.

Sorceror was my first source-based distro. After the big fight I looked into gentoo and am happy there. If people want to "cast spells" or so on at their command line more power to them. But I think you should remember that it was this unemployed guy who thought everyone was out to get him that came up with this whole "cast spells" thing to be a sys admin. For most it's a joke or some small choice of words, but I think it was a unhealthy sign with this guy.

OK so you have my view. I hope this informs someone not to put Kyle Sallee in the position that you depend on him for anything.