Linked by Ritesh Kumar on Thu 13th May 2004 19:31 UTC
General Development In recent years "scripting languages" are becoming a path which is a must go for rapid application development. The open source community has seen many scripting language implementations. Some really popular and good ones available are perl and python.
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by CitizenKane on Thu 13th May 2004 23:09 UTC

bash, perl, python and others are just wannabe scripting languages. i know perl and learnt python but ever since i touched ruby, i haven't looked anywhere else.

in less than 2 hrs, i put together a photo-album creation script that uses ImageMagick to do the scaling blah blah blah and does GREAT layout in HTML, and takes a snapshot of movies to show in thumbnail (mjpegtools)

ruby IS the way to go, anyone who tells you otherwise just doesn't know enough.

here's what i use.

C - kernel and systems coding (C++ sometimes for systems stuff).
tcsh - basic shell scripting (like 5-line scripts)
ruby - long term shell scripts.