Linked by Ritesh Kumar on Thu 13th May 2004 19:31 UTC
General Development In recent years "scripting languages" are becoming a path which is a must go for rapid application development. The open source community has seen many scripting language implementations. Some really popular and good ones available are perl and python.
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Python and Javascript
by Seo Sanghyeon on Fri 14th May 2004 03:58 UTC

Python has Mozilla bridge, or to be precise XPCOM bridge. Therefore any Mozilla XP component can be used with Python, including Javascript one.

Python also has direct binding to Spidermonkey. (Javascript engine written in C. Rhino is one written in Java.) Search for python-spidermonkey. It allows you to call Javascript functions just like Python functions.

Python has binding to KDE component architecture, therefore you get KJS support for free.