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General Development In recent years "scripting languages" are becoming a path which is a must go for rapid application development. The open source community has seen many scripting language implementations. Some really popular and good ones available are perl and python.
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oberon: both script and system programming language
by Anonymous on Fri 14th May 2004 05:20 UTC

The Oberon System by Wirth and Gutknecht and all its successors (e.g. Blackbox from, Bluebottle from feature a small and efficient compiled language (variations: Oberon, Obebron-2, Component Pascal, Active Oberon) as both the basic language for system development and the script language.

Sun licensed and examined the Oberon compiler around 1991(!), and Microsoft Research subsequently hired a student of Wirth.
Oberon, quite obviously, influenced Java and C# deeply.

A design truly remarkable in its purity -- the best comparison reliability/simplicity/efficiency-wise would be with AK-47.