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Original OSNews Interviews The Tcl programming language has been immensely successful in its almost 15 years of existence. Tcl, stands for 'Tool Command Language' and is pronounced 'tickle' by those in the know. It's probably most famous for the Tk graphical toolkit, which has for years set the standard for rapid, scriptable, cross-platform GUI development, but the language is used throughout a staggering variety of applications, from the open source web server that runs AOL's web site, to code for network testing, to code to run oil rigs.
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Ok you have this large complex program probably written in C or C++. You need a simple straightforward interface that is portable between Unix, PC and Macs. You need it fast but it has to be flexible and good.

Tcl just rocks for this and creating tools (hence the name). I have worked on a project where it was used as the complete end to end development language for a large aolserver based web app. God it does not scale for me as well on the server backend due to speed issues and thread queueing between different parts of the application. The thread support is my opinion weak but I have NOT used tcl/tk 8.4.x so that might well be no longer an issue. However, let me say that I am quickly developing the opinion that scripting languages are usually not the best choice as a matter of course for large complex backend apps.

Maybe this is because I do software configuration management and keeping track of Perl Mods and tcl extensions many of which are obscure and hard to keep track of on a large project.