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Original OSNews Interviews The Tcl programming language has been immensely successful in its almost 15 years of existence. Tcl, stands for 'Tool Command Language' and is pronounced 'tickle' by those in the know. It's probably most famous for the Tk graphical toolkit, which has for years set the standard for rapid, scriptable, cross-platform GUI development, but the language is used throughout a staggering variety of applications, from the open source web server that runs AOL's web site, to code for network testing, to code to run oil rigs.
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good story
by Taras on Tue 11th Mar 2003 01:53 UTC

Its too bad that tcl is soo evil. Every time I tried to program in tcl it feels like i have to turn my brain inside out. I might be good at C-style languages, but lispy stuff just hurts my puny little mind..tcl is probably the worst one. It looks like a normal lang..but as soon as you try to get something hurts!