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Original OSNews Interviews The Tcl programming language has been immensely successful in its almost 15 years of existence. Tcl, stands for 'Tool Command Language' and is pronounced 'tickle' by those in the know. It's probably most famous for the Tk graphical toolkit, which has for years set the standard for rapid, scriptable, cross-platform GUI development, but the language is used throughout a staggering variety of applications, from the open source web server that runs AOL's web site, to code for network testing, to code to run oil rigs.
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A few thoughts
by RJW on Tue 11th Mar 2003 02:47 UTC

I was going to post virtually the same think that Eike posted, so ditto to that.

I've had a soft spot for Tcl since I started playing around with AOLserver( and ACS( a couple years ago. I don't agree that it's hard to read the code, I think it's pretty simple and reminiscent of shell scripts. I like being able to expand variables within strings, which makes text processing easy. I may have to go find something to do with Tcl now...