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Original OSNews Interviews The Tcl programming language has been immensely successful in its almost 15 years of existence. Tcl, stands for 'Tool Command Language' and is pronounced 'tickle' by those in the know. It's probably most famous for the Tk graphical toolkit, which has for years set the standard for rapid, scriptable, cross-platform GUI development, but the language is used throughout a staggering variety of applications, from the open source web server that runs AOL's web site, to code for network testing, to code to run oil rigs.
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Re: Using Tcl
by RevAaron on Tue 11th Mar 2003 05:32 UTC

Folks using TclTutor ( lif/TclTutor.html) are generally writing production code in a couple hours.

I don't know if you have a different definition of "production code," but I would not trust a complete newbie's code after running through a single tutorial. Hell, even in the language in which I have the most experience and am most comfortable, I would not put a substantial amount of code I've over a couple of hours into production. No way do you have enough time to test it. And this is Smalltalk, where I tend to write almost bug-less code. Unless, of course, you're using "a couple of hours" very liberally, meaning 24-48 hours. But that's a bit of a stretch.

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