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5. If you had unlimited resources which part of Arch would you change/update/further-develop?

Judd Vinet: Pacman needs some love. It works well, but we have had plans to turn it into a proper library for a couple years now. Aurelien Foret has been doing most of the work on the library project and we're finally seeing the finish line somewhere off in the distance. In an ideal world, Arch would be my fulltime job and I would have ample time to work on pacman and the distro itself.

Jan de Groot: Pacman would need some work. Porting existing tools like gnome-system-tools to work on archlinux perfectly would also be on my todo list then.

Tobias Kieslich: I think there are some urgent needs take action on a good i18n concept for ArchLinux. From a good base in glibc and the initscripts, over a well considered font support to some good and usable input methods. This also affects the installer and some applications. I18n is pretty much useless if things doesn't really act in concert. AFAIK, none of the developer speaks or can write multibyte based languages ... and my Russian really sucks. But there is some activity in the community going on which needs to be brought to some usable results.

To write documentation is another issues and most developer feel that something needs to be done on this point. If it is documentation for ArchLinux itself or to write some stuff about projects that could be realized with ArchLinux. I'd like to write a guide for an ArchLinux Server without the big and well known software because there is a lot of good and specialized software which fits the need of many people way better than the "incumbents". But no one knows about and how to use it.

Damir Perisa: Having more resources, i would start spending them on my other activities first. Helping other people, doing "cool" research projects, traveling, learning languages, taking pictures ... the list is really long. ArchLinux is not very high in this list, but there are for sure a lot of things i would want to do for it.

One of the things related to Arch is: i would be able to spend time writing on the document i started about a year ago, the "Survival Guide to (Arch)Linux", the introduction to computers, opensource software, linux and the virtual team of people helping each other to reach goals. This document i started to write mainly for people in the 3rd world to help them understand computers and the usage of IT to speed up administrative tasks without forcing them to pay for licences for software where there are "free" and often even better alternatives around. It has now about 30 pages but is a long way from being finished. The reason is the lack of time to work on it.

Dale Blount: I would increase the reach from i686 to x86-64, PPC, and sparc.

Jason Chu: I would put way more time into pacbuild (the automated package building system), devtools (a set of tools to help Arch developers), namcap (the package analyzer), pacman, and other such projects to help Arch. I'm more of a programmer and less of a package maintainer.

Tobias Powalowski: Probably i would write more wikis and docs on stuff that's interesting.

Aurelien Foret: I would like to see our current repositories ported to more architectures, namely i586, PPC, and x86-64. Another cool thing would be to have a "stable" repository with only security issues and critical bugfixes backported to it from our "current" repository.

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