posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 6th Apr 2006 20:49 UTC
IconHeise, an influential German tech website, stirred the BeOS community up today by reporting that YellowTAB filed for bankruptcy [German]-- however, this bankruptcy was not filed from within YellowTAB, but by a 3rd party, possibly to damage YellowTAB. This news quickly spread accross BeOS related websites, but none of them could confirm the story. I emailed Bernd Korz, YellowTAB's CEO, and he confirmed that indeed someone from outside the company filed for bankruptcy, but that YellowTAB is in fact not bankrupt. Bernd could not disclose full details yet, as the company was still discussing this with its lawyers. Bernd did confirm that within a few days, the company will release an official statement concerning the issue.
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