Vote for the CPU Architecture Apple Should Switch To

Slow news day today, so here is a new poll. Vote for the architecture that Apple should switch to, if such a switch is necessary. Please note that we did not include options like MIPS, SPARC or Crusoe as they do not make much sense at this point as suitable candidates for different reasons each. But the most popular choices are listed and awaiting your vote!Please note that the early releases of AMD Opteron and especially Itanium2 based workstations will be very expensive, so they do not justify well the “Macs for everyone” idea. As for the Motorola G5, this seems to be… a mythical CPU rather than a well guarded secret, therefore we decided not to include it in this poll. In fact, the G5 can’t be considered as “switch” for Apple anyway, as it would have been the natural evolution for the Mac.

Please vote with a mindset of what would make sense and what would be best for the company and the users, not with a mindset stuck in utopia or… zealotry.

Please also note that to view and vote for the poll, you’ll need javascript (for reasons we have explained in the past).

The poll is now closed. Thanks everyone for voting!

The voting results


  1. 2002-09-09 6:05 pm
  2. 2002-09-09 6:27 pm
  3. 2002-09-09 7:27 pm
  4. 2002-09-09 7:31 pm
  5. 2002-09-09 7:37 pm
  6. 2002-09-10 2:44 am
  7. 2002-09-10 2:54 am
  8. 2002-09-10 3:25 am
  9. 2002-09-10 4:36 am
  10. 2002-09-10 5:45 am
  11. 2002-09-10 7:56 am
  12. 2002-09-10 7:58 am
  13. 2002-09-10 8:25 am
  14. 2002-09-10 5:08 pm