posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 16th Oct 2007 20:26 UTC, submitted by Kaj de Vos
IconThe Syllable project has published the first two preconfigured virtual machine images for trying out Syllable Server without installation. One is for VMware [torrent (preferred), image (82 MB)]. It can also be used with QEmu and VirtualBox. The other is for other emulators such as Bochs, or also QEmu [torrent (preferred), image (81 MB)]. The latter unpacks to a file of one gigabyte. Detailed instructions are here. Also, for history purposes, two images were published of the last version of AtheOS, Syllable's predecessor [torrent, image (VMware, 11 MB), torrent, image (raw image, 11 MB)]. Here is a screenshot of AtheOS running on Syllable.
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