posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 25th Nov 2008 15:35 UTC, submitted by M-Saunders
IconFedora 10 is now available, sporting a new graphical boot-up sequence, 3, many improvements to sound support via PulseAudio, and other updates. See the release notes here, and Linux Format has a detailed look at F10's features and changes.

Linux Format is quite positive about the new Fedora release, noting in its conclusion:

A tremendous amount of work has taken place in a release cycle which has also had to cope with a major infrastructure breach during its development. Importantly though, Fedora is starting to work on some of the aesthetical portions of the distro, in an attempt to bring it to a level par with Ubuntu. The main difference is that Fedora sticks rigidly to its interpretation of free software and doesn't entertain the kind of controversy that seems to hit nearly every Ubuntu release. The developers have given us a decent distro, and one that will reinforce Fedora's long term ambitions by providing a platform for growth.

Despite this, many of the new features appear to be things that originate from upstream, and as such, will find their way (or have found their way) to other distributions as well. This of course doesn't go for the integration work and all the Fedora artwork.

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