posted by Kroc Camen on Sun 5th Apr 2009 18:00 UTC
IconCompletely ad-hoc and unscripted, OSnews editors Thom Holwerda and Kroc Camen discuss gripes, pet hates and what's currently on the home page. This is the first time we've ever spoken to one another! "Read more" for the link to the .mp3 file, and notes.

On a whim I decided that an unscripted podcast would be a very effective way to express pet hates in an effective manner, and so I (Kroc) have teamed up with Thom Holwerda to produce the first of this hopefully continuing podcast. (Yes, our hopes are that high!)

I think OSNews readers understand that both me and Thom are very strongly opinionated people who have many pet hates and gripes with the computer industry. We don't even see eye-to-eye on many things too. It's for that reason that these polar opposites, united by our determination to stick to our guns, makes (or should make) good podcast material.

Absolutely nothing has been planned in what you are about to hear, and this is also the first time we've ever spoken to each other outside of email and OSNews comment threads. A few minutes testing equipment and then we went straight to recording with nothing more than the front page of OSNews as our script.

Note that the quality isn't particularly good, but we're trying hard to improve that the next time. Next time, we want to record iChat-to-iChat (instead of Thom using the dreaded Windows AOL AIM client), as well as Kroc using a headset. We will also experiment with recording on both ends, and then combining the two audio streams to see if that improves quality. Any suggestions from you would be welcome!

We hope you enjoy the results!

Download OSNews Podcast #1

As always, we are open to your feedback. Feel free to discuss the points raised or provide ideas on how we could produce a better show. We would prefer to keep the design overly unscripted, but could include segments in the show for user emails &c. Send any emails to with the title "OSNews Podcast 1" or in the comment thread. Thanks.

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