posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 5th Oct 2011 20:36 UTC, submitted by zizban
IconOh gosh, finally news that's got nothing to do with patents or smartphones or the comparing of male sexual organs. Haiku news! Michael Lotz has added preliminary support for WPA to Haiku, taking the first steps towards making the Haiku wireless stack a lot more useful.

Recently, Micheal Lotz, long-time Haiku hacker, started a long-term contract coding for Haiku exclusively, which is, as it turns out, already paying dividends. Having support for WEP/WPA/WPA2 in Haiku is a major boon for those of us with secured wireless networks, an while it's still all in the testing stages at the moment, it's still a major step.

As the comment to revision 42775 states:

Add the wpa_supplicant optional package. It should be stable and is working on the limited set of hardware I could test it with. By installing the wpa_supplicant one can now join WEP/WPA/WPA2 networks by either selecting them in the network prefs/network status applet or using ifconfig [interface] join [network name] [password]. The wpa_supplicant opens a dialog asking for more details if it can't connect with the given information. Note that there is no way to automatically store that extra info right now, so it has to be provided on each join. The configuration can however be stored manually into the /boot/common/settings/network/wireless_networks config file.

This should work on all wireless chipsets Haiku has drivers for (quite a few through the support for FreeBSD drivers), but Lotz obviously couldn't test it on all of them since he doesn't own all those chipsets himself. As such, testers are needed to further identify which chips work, and where potential problems lie.

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