posted by Eugenia Loli on Sun 30th May 2004 06:29 UTC
IconGentoo announced beta level live cds and stages for ppc64. The hardware supported by gentoo-ppc64 is PowerMacintosh G5, IBM pSeries, older IBM 64 bit RS/6000s (such as the model 260, 270, F80, H80, see for a complete list) and soon IBM iSeries hardware.

Gentoo-ppc64 is the other side of the ppc equation, it is a 64 bit kernel as well as a 64 bit user space.  We are the first linux distribution to offer a 64 bit top to bottom solution which is not a toy environment. This is a significant and exciting step as there is interest in cluster computing circles, users of java, and more generally those who have needs of large address spaces. It's fairly exciting to be on the forefront and continue to push the capabilities of linux on ppc64 forward.

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