O.A.S.E. 2002 Show Report

Last weekend at 4 different Amiga shows held across the world Amiga fans were introduced to AmigaOS4, AmigaDE and MorphOS solutions. An in depth show report by GFXBase of an earlier show in Austria, includes many interesting pictures regarding the AmigaOS4/AmigaOne and Pegasos/MorphOS (PPC AmigaOS clone) projects. Some additional pictures of this event can be found here at Elbox' website.

Java 1.4.1 Released

Java 1.4.1 has recently been released. Over 2,000 bug fixes have been issued in this maintence release. Two new garbage collectors have been added, Concurrent and Parallel. Click here for more information while you can also find the the full list of changes.

I Hate Windows – I am Afraid of Linux

First, a little background. I am a Windows user who has been using Windows since 3.1. I am not a programmer or a developer, I am a user. I process photos, use the internet, e-mail, write letters, play the ever important games and even use it to develop my comic strips. I am not computer illiterate and I use my computer with confidence and skill. Now with that said. I hate Windows.

ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 Review

AnandTech has reviewed ATI's latest mobile graphics solution. According to the reviewer this small and energy efficient chip is the new king when it comes to mobile graphic chips for notebooks. Also John Carmack is apparently very positive about the chip and also stated that Doom 3 will be able to run smoothly with this new Radeon chip.

Problems With Unix Utilities & HFS Forks in Jaguar

I arrive home to find a spiffy package from ADC... Look it's Jaguar! The excitement was racing to install this upgrade but then I thought what about my data? I wanted to partition my drive differently for Jaguar so I did what I would do on any of my systems. I tared my home directory double checking the file contents to make sure I got all my hidden files. I then uploaded the tar to my server via scp and checked the md5sum of the file. Everything looked good I was ready to go!

Classic AmigaOS Emulation – A Guide for WinUAE

As Amiga Inc is about to re-enter the computer arena with new AmigaOS4 powered desktop systems as well as with 3rd party embedded products utilizing AmigaDE technology pre-installed, there are a growing number of people who wonder what an advanced classic AmigaOS currently offers. This was an important reason for me to write a simple to understand WinUAE tutorial, so this would hopefully help interested people with setting up a fun and easy to use emulated AmigaOS environment on widely available mainstream Windows computers. This article also includes many WinUAE screenshots and information on acquiring and using freely available software.

Climbing the Kernel Mountain

So, you want to write an operating system. We discussed earlier a generic set of considerations that are important, from my experience, for this type of adventure. We proceed to look at solutions to the problem of actually getting started with writing your system: how to do it when you know you don't know what you're doing, making it work before making it work fast, and what to do when things go wrong.

Using MUSCLE to Implement a Multiplayer Networked Game

Prologue by the editor-in-chief: "A bit more than two years ago, while I was still serving at BeNews, I asked Jeremy Friesner to write an article and present his cross-platform client-server messaging system for dynamic distributed applications, MUSCLE. Two weeks later, he came back to me with a multi-page article, explaining MUSCLE. To demonstrate the power of MUSCLE, Jeremy created a demo application based on it. The result was BeShare.

So, You Want to Write an Operating System

I've always been curious about how things work. When I was little, I annoyed my parents with millions of questions. Why is the sky blue? How does water come out of the tap when you open it? Maybe I was born without the mental switch that lets you be happy with using something, without trying to figure out how it works.

Could Apple go Subscription?

Many companies are trying to move to a subscription model for their software and Apple really has something going for them in that respect if you think about it. We, OS X Users, are already accustomed to the automatic updating of the OS and like it. dotMAC actually looks nice all in all, even if some might feel it is expensive. What people don't like is unpredictability; they have nothing against change as long as they like the outcome and know where it is going.

Behind the Scenes of Amiga Inc

The annual AmiWest show was held last weekend in Sacramento, USA. As with many important Amiga shows held in the US, UGN provided Amigans live webcam and audio coverage of this event. Most interesting was the live coverage of Bill McEwen's Saturday evening banquet speech (MP3). Update: Please use the following mirrors for the mp3 instead: USA, France, Norway and UK. Update 2: Sendo has published an Amiga related press release, confirming that their Z100 mobile phone will ship with Amiga software.