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Amiga & AROS

Hyperion Entertainment Cvba in Sint-Agatha-Berchem (Brussel) was declared bankrupt by the court in Brussel on 27-01-2015. The appointed curator is Bert Dehandschutter. The company number is 466380552. The (main) activity of Hyperion Entertainment Cvba is computer programming, consultancy and related activities.

Hyperion is the company that developers AmigaOS 4.x. I've never quite understood how, exactly, the licensing situation was arranged - the owned the right to develop the operating system, but did not own the brands and operating system itself etc. etc. - but let's just hope this isn't the end of the road for AmigaOS.

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Gone for good ...
by -pekr- on Sat 14th Feb 2015 07:53 UTC
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This happens when your ego is bigger than your potential. Back at the time, there were talks between Amiga Inc. and MorphOS guys. Then Hermans stepped in and started his dirty games. Hence another split. IIRC, Hyperion was even in a legal battle with Amiga Inc., which Amiga Inc. lost.

So - curious, what happens next ... not that it would be much important for the "future" of the Amiga ...

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RE: Gone for good ...
by sergio on Sat 14th Feb 2015 21:14 in reply to "Gone for good ..."
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AmigaOS4 and MorphOS are different beasts and they have different potential users.

AmigaOS4 is AmigaOS period. I mean, It has almost the same look and feel of AmigaOS 3.9... that's great for Amiga users but can be a PITA for Amiga newbies.

MorphOS, however, is a much more generalist OS... It's Amiga-like sure, but It's much more friendly for non-Amiga people. For example, I think any Linux user can use MorphOS and feel very comfortable. Not so sure about AmigaOS4 though... AmigaOS4 is "strange" very different to anything else.

IMHO both OSes must co-exist. Losing one of them would be a sad thing.

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RE[2]: Gone for good ...
by Yasu on Sun 15th Feb 2015 13:14 in reply to "RE: Gone for good ..."
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Very good assessement.

Just one thing: according to some cross platform programmers MorphOS and AROS are much closer API wise to AmigaOS 3.X than AmigaOS 4. For some reason Hyperion has changed some crusial parts which makes that OS more difficult to program for if you are used to AmigaOS 3 API.

Some people claim it's because Hyperion wanted to make cross platform programming difficult and force people to choose side. But this is an unconfirmed rumour.

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