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Facebook just loosened the leash a little on its facial-recognition algorithms. Starting Tuesday, any time someone uploads a photo that includes what Facebook thinks is your face, you’ll be notified even if you weren't tagged.

The new feature rolled out to most of Facebook's more than 2 billion global users this morning. It applies only to newly posted photos, and only those with privacy settings that make an image visible to you. Facebook users in Canada and the European Union are excluded. The social network doesn't use facial-recognition technology in those regions, due to wariness from privacy regulators.

Just a heads up.

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False positives might be fun
by jaylaa on Tue 19th Dec 2017 20:19 UTC
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I'm sure they're using other metrics, like geographic location and friend-circle to cut down on false-positives, but I hope there are a lot of them anyway.
Creepiness aside, it might be fun to see who out there in the world looks enough like me to fool the algorithm.

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RE: False positives might be fun
by Alfman on Tue 19th Dec 2017 21:25 in reply to "False positives might be fun"
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At large enough network sizes, false positives and false negatives become statistically inevitable. The more samples a classification system needs to distinguish between, the less difference there is between the identifying features of those samples.

The only solution is to add more unique data points (like an iris bitmap), but given the limited data/resolution of uploaded photos, this may not be very effective. I predict they'll have a lot of false positives (or false negatives) unless they use other metrics like you say.

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