BeOS & Derivatives Archive

Editorial at BeOSJournal: The BeOS Landscape

"From my perspective the work being done by OpenBeOS is amazing and the concept was acceptable last year. Zeta has changed the landscape now and their approach, offering backwards compatibility but trying to move BeOS forward as Zeta is a good one and with luck they will succeed. My only question is whether they've gone far enough to warrant the interest they hope to attract." Read the editorial at BeOSJournal, written by David Reid.

The BeOS Toolkit for Win32

A Belgian developer has ported parts of the OpenBeOS/BeOS toolkit and API to Windows. This is not the first time something like this is being done, but possibly it is the most advanced of the efforts. This is also similar to what the B.E.O.S. team does, trying to port the BeOS API to Linux. Update: Xentronix project leader seems to have stop developing BeOS apps and the Sequel OS, citting personal reasons.

Group is Working on a BeOS ‘Sequel’

A handfull of well known --to the BeOS community-- developers have come together to create a new OS, which starts where BeOS left off. Bear in mind that this OS, named Sequel, is not a BeOS clone, but a brand new OS which adds new things in the mix while retains the best features found on BeOS and other OSes. The OS is closed source and it is in early stages: it currently boots off a floppy and has a shell. Editor's note: I am part of the small team, since its first days, a few months ago. I designed part of the UI for this OS, but I am looking forward to get a working GUI system before I dive in and do some "real" work on the UI and usability. Stay tuned for more news about Sequel in the future. UPDATE: Please note that this is NOT "my" project. I merely help out the guys on the UI, and nothing more. UPDATE 2: March 2003: I have resigned of my role on Sequel.

New OpenBeOS Newsletter; SampleStudio to Go Open Source

This is a little different OpenBeOS newsletter than normal. All three of the articles are opinion pieces and they are all on very related topics. "What about the OpenBeOS community?" "Yet Another Rallying Cry (maybe?)", "Press, PR, Progress and Purse". Additionally, Xentronix announced that they stopped work on their audio editing application, SampleStudio. They collect donations via Paypal, and after they reach the amount of $250 USD, they will open source the application (one of the top-25 apps ever written for BeOS). Check a screenshot here, taken from my BeOS installation.

Review of BeOS Developer Edition 1.1

I have been a big fan of BeOS since the Creative Labs OS Championship Team dumped it on me in 1999. At the time I was working technical support in Dublin and they had some guy looking after support for BeOS who really could not care less. He had never even installed it! I was deputy Linux champion and generally considered interested in OSes so they said "Hey, Stevo! Wanna be a champ? All you need to do is get this OS installed and play with it a bit." So, needless to say, I did and I was hooked.

OpenBeOS Supports BeOS Executables

Bruno G. Albuquerque was the first to submit the big news on OpenBeOS. According to the OpenBeOS website, "With the latest round of changes made to the runtime linker, the startup code, and, we are now finally able to load and run native BeOS applications. Of course, only simple one will work right now (since we only have (most of the) parts of implemented), but I was able to run the same application under BeOS and OpenBeOS simultaneously. We can now make our first tests to prove binary and functional compatibility between both operating systems."

OpenBeOS Translation Kit Reaches Beta 1

"The OpenBeOS Translation Kit BETA 1 is now available. It contains the Translation Kit library, BMP translator, StyledEdit files translator, TGA translator and the source and project files for all of the above. Also, the BMP and TGA translators should have more capabilities than the BMP and TGA translators that came with BeOS R5." You can download the beta at the OpenBeOS website.

BeOS Newsbits

Here's some recent news from the BeOS world. The OpenBeOS MIDI Kit team has reached Milestone 1! They now have their own now have their own midi_server and Work on the BeOS-native video editor, PostMagic, is moving along well. A new screenshot was posted on the 1st. PostMagic version 1.0 is expected to be released around mid July. LeBuzz reports that Marcus Overhagen is writing a new Audio Card Driver API. The new API will get rid of some of the multi-source, multi-channel limitations inherent in older BeOS APIs.