Novell and Ximian Archive

Novell Launches New Linux Operating System

In the '80s and most of the '90s, Novell ruled the roost for PC network operating systems. In fact, a term was coined, NOS (network operating system) to describe Novell's flagship product. But the Redmond juggernaut eventually overcame Novell's efforts. Novell shops still exist, but they're getting to be few and far between. As Microsoft consolidated its gain in servers, Novell's Linux began to make inroads on what had seemed to be secure territory. Also, Beagle 0.0.3 was released today (screenshot).

Interview on open source and Linux with Novell, Perens

Open source advocate Bruce Perens and Novell Principal Engineer Adam Loughran appeared on Hawaii's Think Tech Radio last month, discussing the economic benefits of using open source software (OSS). In the hour-long interview, which is available for download, host Don Mangiarelli provides a forum that allows a wide audience to better understand Linux, open source, and free software.