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IceWM – The Cool Window Manager

IceWM is a lightweight window manager for UNIX-like systems. Although widely used, it is often underrated - there is hardly any IceWM-related content on the Internet. This article is my attempt to share my experiences as a longtime IceWM user. It contains tips and tricks, usage scenarios, and makes use of examples whenever possible to better demonstrate IceWM's features and capabilities. Finally, the article is meant for those with some familiarity with UNIX, but who are new to IceWM.

Equinox Desktop Environment 1.0.1 Released

FLTK-based Equinox Desktop Environment (EDE) 1.0.1 is released. Current released features: Small memory footprint; Fast loading, comparing to other window managers; Theme support; Window decorations support; Xft support (text anti-aliasing support); Wallpaper support (support for may image formats); Taskbar with configurable menu, cpu status, easy keyboard type switching; Localisation support; Graphical front-end for: xscreensaver configuration, software installation (.rpm, .deb, .tgz), time and time-zone configuration fast file and directory finder.

Enlightenment 0.16.6 Released; Becomes Compliant

The latest installment of the DR16 series, Enlightenment version 0.16.6 has been released. Significant new features in this version include full support for the Extended Window Manager Hints (EMWH) Specifications. This means that E now works excellently with both KDE 3.x and Gnome 2.x desktops and their applications. Automatic menu generation updated to work with Gnome 2.x and KDE 3.x menus. Support for software cursors in XFree86 4.3 or higher. Numerous bugfixes including focus issues, Epplets and more.

AfterStep 2.00-beta2, Cairo 1.5 Released

AfterStep is an X window manager which started by emulating the NeXTSTEP look and feel and changed along the way. The new version fixes compilation bugs, shaped windows bugs, I18N bugs, move-resize bugs, Pager bugs, and more have been fixed. Mouse cursor changing has been reimplemented in different parts of the window. has been updated. Desktop session saving and restoring has been implemented. In other X releases, Cairo is an X11 vector graphics library with cross-device output support. Version 1.5 was released today.

ROX Desktop 2.0 Released

ROX-Filer 2.0.0 has been released. This is a major upgrade to the core component of the ROX Desktop. Use of ROX is centred around the file system, using the same program and interface to manage both applications and data. Originally based on concepts in RISC OS, ROX takes and extends these GUI ideas and merges them with an underlying Unix or Linux system. The release notes have the full story, and the guided tour and screenshots may be useful for new users.