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Username: BryanFeeney (user 569)

Real name: Bryan Feeney


Location: London

Date Joined: 2005-07-06

Status: Trusted User

Bio: Having graduated in 2002, I started reading this site due to the high volume of programming articles. Unfortunately the quality of the articles has diminished and it's become clear the editors know very little of the subject matter at hand, causing them to inflate the importance of the few superficialities on which they feel equipped to hold forth (and even then they tend to show an absence of quality research). The real nail in the coffin has been the users though: with few honourable exceptions, they're a bunch of willfully ignorant ingrates whose inane commentary rises above mere trolling to a new level of aggravation. Also, I just returned to college this year, and have no time for reading anything not related to probabilistic machine learning.

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