posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 29th Sep 2008 12:29 UTC
IconThe saga surrounding Apple's policies concerning the App Store hasn't reached its climax just yet. After several seemingly arbitrary application rejections, high profile developers quitting iPhone development, and Apple adding a non-disclosure clause to its App Store rejection emails, we now have another high-profile Mac developer contemplating giving up iPhone development. Craig Hockenberry, of The Iconfactory, has written a public letter to Steve Jobs, detailing his worries that Apple's restrictive App Store policies are detrimental to the young platform.

"Great developers create amazing software for love as much as money," Hockenberry explains, "Take away the artistry and craftsmanship and you're left with someone pumping out crapware for a weekly paycheck." Hockenberry states that the great thing about the Mac developer community is that they are able to write high quality applications because of Mac developers learning, competing, innovating, and sharing in a common success.

I was hoping the same would be true for the iPhone. Sadly, it's not, and that makes this new platform really hard to love. I'm trying to stay positive in spite of recent developments, but I'm finding my attraction to the iPhone fades a little bit each day. I think it's important that you know that.

Along with Steven Frank, Fraser Speirs, Wil Shipley, and Brent Simmons, Hockenberry is yet another well-known and respected Macintosh developer expressing serious concern over his future iPhone development work.

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