Weekly sponsorships
If you’re looking to make an impression on the world’s technological elite, you’ve come to the right place. OSNews is the daily destination and virtual debate hall for some of the most inquisitive and influential geeks on the net.

As a sponsor, you’ll get:
  • A news story in our regular feed (appearing to all readers, and not filtered out by ad blockers or missed by readers who use RSS) announcing your sponsorship, with a couple of sentences describing your products and services and why they’re relevant to OSNews readers. We’ll make our own decision about whether we want to formally endorse/recommend your product, if we’re personally familiar with it. In any case, this announcement will include a link to the URL of your choice.
  • A text ad in the sidebar of the site during the week of your sponsorship, also linking to a URL.
  • At the end of the week, I’ll also post an item thanking and linking to the sponsor again.
  • A permanent thank you and link on our sponsors page.
  • If you want to offer a promotion code or giveaway to go with the sponsorship, we are open to that, and might get readers a little more invested.
  • The posts will be shared with our RSS subscribers, Twitter feed (2,800) and email digest subscribers (4,300).
  • The links will be conventional (not “no follow”) links, so they will benefit to your SEO.
OSNews gets about 450,000 visits per month with almost 28,000 registered users.
Introductory pricing on the sponsorship fee is $1000 for the week.

Contact david [at] osnews dotcom with sponsorship inquiries.