posted by David Adams on Tue 30th Sep 2008 02:26 UTC, submitted by Rahul
IconThe Red Hat community engineer behind the Fedora Games and Fedora Xfce media spins, Rahul Sundaram, announced the release of Omega 10 Beta, a remix of Fedora this past weekend. Omega is a desktop/mobile Linux distribution that is based upon Fedora but includes packages from the Livna RPM repository. The Omega 10 Beta release is roughly equivalent to the Fedora 10 Beta to be released tomorrow, but integrates multimedia support not found in Fedora.

Omega 10 Beta is an installable live cd that includes the bleeding edge software packages from Fedora and Livna development repositories. It is roughly similar to the Fedora 10 Beta about to be released today. Fedora excludes a lot of software out of the official software repository either because it is patent-encumbered or proprietary. Since many users who install Fedora go to a third party repository like Livna for these additional programs, this live cd is a more convenient way to do just that. Because it includes all the gstreamer and xine codecs and many multimedia players including VLC and Mplayer out of the box, all the codecs including MP3 files files would just work. No proprietary applications or drivers are installed by default. They are, however, available in the repository and just a yum install away.

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