posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 10th Sep 2009 19:41 UTC, submitted by poundsmack
IconThere we are! It took them a while, but Oracle has finally said a few things about the future of Sun's SPARC and Solaris products. Oracle placed an ad in the European edition of The Wall Street Journal listing four plans the company has with SPARC and Solaris.

It's actually all rather brass of Oracle. While the US Department of Justice approved Oracle buying Sun Microsystems, the European Union has not, stating worries about the future of some of Sun's open source products. The EU is specifically worried about MySQL, since Oracle is the world's largest proprietary database software company, and Sun the largest open source one.

While published in Europe, the ad in question, however, does not mention MySQL's future; it is completely focussed on Solaris and SPARC.

Oracle's advertisement in the WSJ.

This is very good news for us geeks; Oracle is promising to invest in not only Solaris, some decent competition for Linux, but also in the SPARC architecture. We're getting two alternative products for one here. Sadly, no mention of MySQL, but my best guess is that this ad simply does not have a place for it: this one is about Solaris/SPARC - not MySQL.

Actions speak louder than words, of course, so only time will tell if Oracle prefers talking instead of walking.

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