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Duval Details His Leaving; Mandriva’s CEO Replies

"Duval details his side of the story: "Fired. Yes. Simply fired, for economical reasons, along with a few other ones. More than 7 years after I created Mandrake-Linux and then Mandrakesoft, the current boss of Mandriva 'thanks me' and I'm leaving, sad, with my two-month salary indemnity standard package. It's difficult to accept that back in 1998 I created my job and the one of many other people, and that recently, on a February afternoon, Mandriva's CEO called to tell me that I was leaving." Mandriva's CEO replies: "Gael was not fired. This term would imply something wrong on his part, which was not the case. He was laid off."

Gael Duval Fired From Mandriva

Gael Duval, creator of Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva Linux), has been fired from the company. The information leaked on the Mandriva forums, and Duval later confirmed it on his own webpage. He says: "Since the information has leaked, I will post a message in the next few days on this website about why this is the end of the Mandriva story for me, and what's next." Since Mandrake was for many the first distribution they ever tried, I think it is only fair to thank him for creating Mandrake, and to wish him the best of luck in any following endeavours.

Interview: Francois Bancilhon, CEO of Mandriva

Mandriva's CEO got interviewed for the Mandriva club. "Right now, the new 'in thing' is Ubuntu. Of course, the situation is a bit different in this case: one person, with a quasi infinite check book is behind the operation. So they can give the system away and spend whatever is needed. Is this the right way for the open source eco-system? I find it hard to believe. One possible worse case scenario is that Ubuntu's plan is to use money to put all other community-based distros out of business and then start monetizing the installed base. If this were the case, they are doing the easy part: increasing their market share by giving away the product. We have found that the second part is a tad more difficult."

Mandriva Tests Collaborative Hardware Compatibility List System

Mandriva is now testing a new hardware compatibility list system based on feedback from ordinary Mandriva users. The 'harddrake' Mandriva hardware utility can upload a list of your system's components to the Mandriva database, and you can then use the simple web front end to let others know how well each piece of hardware works with Mandriva. The system and the interface have already been in testing by Mandriva Club members and other enthusiasts. You can join in and help test it further by posting in the Mandriva forums (you can post in the community chat forum if you are not a member).

Mandriva, HP To Ship Linux PCs in Latin America

"Mandriva today announced a new partnership with HP to distribute HP computers pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux 2006 to 37 countries in Latin America. As part of the agreement, Mandriva has been named the 'Preferred Linux Partner for Latin America' and Mandriva Linux 2006 has been optimized and certified for HP machines. The companies will work together on sales, support and marketing in all Latin American territories, including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico."

Mandriva Linux 2006.1-0.3 (Beta) Released

"The developers of Mandriva Linux have quietly released what appears to be a public beta of Mandriva Linux 2006.1. This release comes with many updated packages, including X.Org 6.9 final, KDE 3.5.0, GNOME 2.12, and 2.0.0. The kernel remains at 2.6.12, although it has been selectively patched with various fixes from kernel 2.6.13 and later. Other improvements affecting networking, printing and X.Org configuration have also been implemented. See the changelog for a detailed list of changes."

Mandriva Linux 2006 Review – Linux Desktop Showcase Part 3

Part 3 of the extensive Linux Tips for Free Mandriva Linux 2006 review has finally been published, covering multimedia, productivity and entertainment software. It also discusses Mandriva Linux security features, the Mandriva Club and looks ahead at the future: "... 1990-something was the year of Server Linux, 2003 was the year of Desktop Linux, 2005 the year of Laptop Linux, 2006 will be the year of Mobile Phone Linux and 2007 will be the year of Handheld/Palmtop Linux." Parts one and two were previously mentioned here at OSNews.

Mandriva 2006 Review and Linux Software Installation Background

In light of the many misunderstandings about Linux, software repositories and installation of packages, part one of this season's Mandriva Linux 2006 review includes an extensive background article about it. It explains why the nature of Free Software leads to a more userfriendly software installation setup for Linux distributions in general, as compared to proprietary systems such as the current desktop market leader. The process is illustrated with Mandriva Linux tools. This first part of the Mandriva Linux 2006 review also contains information on the installation and benchmark figures against previous Mandriva/Mandrake products, amongst other things.

Lycoris Source Code Controversy Clarified

The Lycoris source-code saga doesn't seem to want to die, but hopefully the following article will kill this already dead horse. "Parties on both sides of the Lycoris source code controversy stepped up to clarify the issues raised in a LXer article published on Wednesday. Both sides took issue with some of the statements in the article. The controversy came to light as a report on, and the ensuing discussion left questions in many users' minds as to whether the code in question would, in fact, be released."

Review: Mandriva Linux 2006

"MandrakeLinux always had a reputation as an ideal distribution for beginners. Now that the renamed Mandriva has included technologies from Conectiva and Lycoris into Mandriva Linux 2006, this reputation seems more justified than ever. From its installation program to its selection of software and desktop design to its package design and security options, Mandriva is one of the easiest to use distributions available today." Read more here.