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Review: Mandriva Linux 2007 PowerPack Edition

"Though delayed for a while and later to market than most Mandriva fans would probably prefer, the new Mandriva Linux 2007 PowerPack Edition is finally here, nearly a year after the previous release. 2007 is typical Mandriva through and through: attractively themed in KDE, easy to install without skipping the technical details, a little bug-ridden here and there, and full of new and interesting software technologies. This release does have its own identity, though; not only has the standard theme been redesigned for the first time in several years, but this is the first Mandriva release to include a legal DVD movie player."

Mandriva 2007 To Play Windows Games

The popular distribution formerly known as Mandrake will include in its next 2007 release Transgaming’s Cedega engine to play mainstream Windows gaming titles out of the box. For those not familiar with Transgaming the company has worked for years on a WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) derivative to empower Linux users to run Windows games natively on the Linux desktop. In the meantime, CrossOver beta 2 has been released for Linux.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Announced

Mandriva has released announced 2007. "Mandriva today is proud to introduce its brand new product: Mandriva Linux 2007. This new version of the operating system was designed to be an even better fit for the needs and expectations all users, from the beginner to the SOHO user. The key innovation of Mandriva Linux 2007 is the spectacular AIGLX and Xgl 3D-accelerated desktop." Mandriva told us here at OSNews that while 2007 is released, you won't be able to download it for a few days: "Our PR department has apparently decided to send out the 2007 'release' announcement even though it's not actually quite released yet. D'oh."

Interview: Gael Duval of Ulteo, MandrivaLinux

"Gael Duval, the founder of the popular MandrivaLinux project, was fired from Mandriva last spring in an effort to cut costs. Almost immediately afterward, Duval began work on a new GNU/Linux distribution, Ulteo. As of this writing, Ulteo has not yet released its first beta edition, but it should be available soon. While we're all waiting, I figured I'd ask Mr Duval some questions about Ulteo, Mandriva, and starting GNU/Linux projects in general."

Review: Mandriva 2007 One RC2

A short review of Mandriva 2007 RC2, outlining the new Xgl/Aiglx and Compiz 3D desktop. "This has to be the best live CD I've used, let alone the best Linux desktop. The new features like the 3D desktop are stunning and hopefully will increase productivity (once I've gotten over the excitement of it all), and the new Ia-Ora theme will keep me happy for a long time to come." Update: Mandriva has announced the immediate availability of Mandriva Corporate Server 4.0 with virtualization features.

Mandriva Linux 2007 RC1 Released

Mandriva Linux 2007 RC1 has been released. This new release brings the Ia_Ora theme to KDE, and fixes some bugs concerning proprietary video drivers (especially nVIDIA), the b44 network driver, and much more. You can get it via the development (Cooker) mirror trees on ftp and http, and via the preferred method: .iso images (available through the same mirrors as the Cooker ones). There is a changelog too.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 3 Released

Improvements: "New 3D desktop support (both with AIGLX and Xgl) and a new tool to configure it (drak3d); new 'One' CD with 3D desktop support (AIGLX and Xgl, both on KDE and GNOME, autodetection of the best 3D solution); new rpmdrake; more applications migrated to XDG menus; GNOME 2.16 RC1; kernel 2.6.17 (based on with ALSA 1.0.12 rc2); KDE 3.5.4; new 'Ia Ora' Mandriva theme (still only included in GNOME); new VPN configuration tool (drakvpn); new firewall." Get it from the mirrors.

Review: Mandriva 2007 Beta 2

Beta versions of Mandriva 2007 have been appearing for a while now and the final release is coming soon. This short review covers the key changes introduced in beta 2. "Except for the software update which has been awaited by the Mandriva fans for a long time, there are no revolutionary changes or something that could put Mandriva 2007 in front of the competition. Still, not many distros provide such easy installation and configuration process. In Mandriva, almost all works out-of-the-box (including an MP# player) or network setup. And this is the reason I think Mandriva can be still recommended for the newbie users."

Review: PCLinuxOS 0.93a

"The PCLinuxOS 0.93a Full Edition was quietly released yesterday and is the equivalent of PCLinuxOS releases of the past several years. They have recently been releasing scaled down versions to accomodate other tastes and desires, but many folks were looking and waiting for the fully loaded edition. Weighing in at 685 MB, Texstar referred it as the 'Full Monty'. Its code name has been 'Big Daddy'. Whatever the name, I think you'll call it home."

Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 2 “Odin” Released

Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 2 version "Odin" has been released: It comes with GNOME 2.16 beta 2, Kernel 2.6.17 (based on, with ALSA 1.0.12 rc2, i965 support, and new kernel factorization: normal, enterprise and legacy). KDE 3.5.4, more applications migrated to XDG menus, new 'Ia Ora' Mandriva Theme (only included in GNOME for now) and a new VPN configuration tool (drakvpn).

Mandriva Linux 2007 Alpha Screenshot Tour

"The first development ISO images of Mandriva Linux 2007 have been released for download and testing. At the time of writing only Mandriva One live CD images for the i586 and x86_64 architectures are available, but expect the usual full (4-CD) installation sets to appear on Mandriva mirrors in a day or two. The new release ships with kernel and includes glibc 2.4, X.Org 7.1, KDE 3.5.3, GNOME 2.15, 2.0.2, Firefox and many other open source software packages." Screenshots.

Mandriva One 2006: Reviews

Two reviews of Mandriva One 2006. "ReviewLinux.Com takes a quick look at the new and free Mandriva One 2006 LiveCD. This review is full of pictures to show everyone the ease and use of this Linux distribution. This distribution is only one cd and perfect for anyone that maybe new to Linux." MintLinux starts: "After Ubuntu 6.06, Fedora Core 5 and SUSE 10.1 were released in the first two quarters of this year, I started to wonder about Mandriva. Was there still any reason for people to use Mandriva over Fedora, SUSE and Ubuntu? Had the distribution become outdated?"