gobeProductive 3 for Linux Available for Download

The first pre-alpha Linux version of gobeProductive 3, the popular office suite, is now available for download. Read through for installation, other information and the download URL, along with a message for the OSNews readers, directly from Gobe.

Dear OSNews Readers,

We are making available a pre-alpha preview of the Linux version of gobeProductive. We hope you can help us by providing general feedback, especially regarding interoperability with Linux, the X Window System, window managers, and Gnome (but please don’t send bug reports yet). If you would like to try this preview product please read the information included below.

Thank you,

The Gobe Team



The download link is located at the bottom of this message. This message contains important information so please look it over.

You can pre-order gobeProductive for Linux for the introductory price of $74.95 by ordering the Windows version.

After installing, please visit gobeProductive Online (via gobeProductive’s Help menu or on the web), especially Tips & Tricks. For continuing announcements of preview or beta versions, please sign up for our Announce Mailing List, accessible under Mailing Lists at gobeProductive Online. There is a Linux version discussion area on our gobeProductive forum, also accessible from gobeProductive Online.

About this version:

This is the pre-alpha 1 preview release of gobeProductive 3.0 for Linux. We would like general feedback, especially regarding interoperability with Linux, the X Window System, window managers, and Gnome. We are currently considering switching to using Gnome 2.0, which is nearing release. Please send your feedback to [email protected]. We are not currently seeking bug reports so please don’t send them.

For system requirements, please see the bottom of this document.

This software is not yet beta quality and is intended solely as a preview. Pre-alpha means that there are areas of functionality which are not yet usable and that the user interface will change before the final release. There are several known bugs which cause crashes.

That being said, much of the application is quite usable. It is mostly areas like dialogs and floating palettes which are unfinished. We are currently in the process of reimplementing the dialogs and palettes using Glade, a GUI construction tool for GTK and Gnome. Interface objects such as the Preferences Dialog and the History panel (palette) are examples of dialogs which have been converted. Dialogs which have not yet been converted may exhibit problematic behavior (e.g., the Bullets and Numbering dialog has overlapping OK/Cancel buttons), and in some cases, crashes.

Other known problem areas and some remedies:

If you are using Sawfish as your window manager, you may encounter non-modal dialogs (such as the dictionary and thesaurus) which have no close box. To dismiss these dialogs, you can usually use the ESC key or the Sawfish window menu (typically invoked via right-click on the window title bar). Alternatively, the ‘Sawfish Appearance’ preferences has an option “Decorate dialog windows similarly to application windows” which will generally cause dialogs to have close boxes.

If you are using KDE, many panel/palettes will sink below document windows rather than float. The window appears to disappear, but you should be able to find it behind the document window.

The ink popup menus will not go away unless you select something.

Currently, the Alt key is used for menu key equivalents, and there is no user preference to change this.

Image Processing plugins do not work yet.


This installation includes the library libart, which is covered by the LGPL.
. Source for this library is available here

This installation includes libGL and libOSMesa, which are covered by the XFree86 license.

Copies of these licenses are installed in /usr/share/gobeProductive



To install, expand the download file: gobe_install.tgz, and run the installer:

$ tar -xzf gobe_install.tgz
$ cd gobe_install
$ ./install_gobeProductive

You will be prompted for the root password (if not already root), and then asked to read and agree to the end user license.


System Requirements:

gobeProductive requires the following software already be installed:
gnome 1.4.1
gnome-print 0.35
libglade 0.17
Freetype 2

This list is preliminary and may be incomplete.

gobeProductive does not require any particular Linux distribution, and should work with most x86 versions.


This pre-alpha preview version of gobeProductive is available at: http://www.gobe.com/downloads/gobe_linux_x86_install.tgz


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