Announcing the Mustang Regressions Challenge

“We are challenging you, the Java developer community, to find functional regressions between J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) and Java SE 6 (Mustang). The contest runs from Jan 31 through March 31, 2006, with prizes to be awarded in mid-April. You will find details on the contest home page and FAQ. The complete entry requirements are in the official legal rules governing the contest. You can enter the contest using the contest entry form. Prizes? There are five Ultra 20 workstations which will be awarded to the best regressions found during the contest. In addition all successful entrants, whose regression is entered into Suns internal database, will be given a t-shirt as our thanks to you for participating.”


  1. 2006-02-01 9:34 pm
    • 2006-02-02 3:57 am