Benchmark Duel: Mac vs. PC, Round II

The dual Athlon is still the fastest PC we’ve tested, but the single Intel P4 2.53 GHz machine runs a close second, and even beats the dual Athlon on some of the tests. And, as expected, the Mac dual 1GHz G4 could not even come close to keeping up with these two PCs. Even though the P4 machine has only a single processor, it was easy for it to leave the dual-processor Mac far behind.” Read the benchmarks at DigitalVideoEditing.

Our Take: Some readers were discussing two days ago in our recent story of Apple’s possible jump to another architecture, that speed does not matter for an Apple user. I completely disagree with this statement (MacOSX is still very slow on my G4 Cube 450 Mhz 1 MB L3 Cache, 448 MB SDRAM, while WindowsXP literally flies on my dual Celeron 533, 128 KB cache, with 256 MB SDRAM), as Apple is leaning and betting a lot towards digital/multimedia professional software with the buyout of several key multimedia companies the last few months. It is clear that they want to become the “professional” image/digital OS, something similar to the market SGI used to have a few years back. For that plan to succeed, they need more processing power, power that do not have with the current G4s. And even simple users could use more speed, as the OS itself or the browsing experience is a far cry, speed-wise, from other OS alternatives.

Both G4 vs x86 benchmarks (first benchmark here) show that the G4s are lagging behind in speed a lot (even on Photoshop tests, where Apple used to have an edge), while rumors only want Jobs to introduce a 1.2 Ghz G4 next month, which is still very far away from what a PC can do these days speed-wise (and Intel will release a 3 Ghz Pentium4 before the end of the year).

On a related note, please read our recent editorial “Apple To Consider x86 After MacOSX Transition Done“.


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