Syllable Moves to OMake

Two new software build systems were ported to Syllable Desktop: OMake and CMake. They are available here. Both are cross-platform and both work on a higher level than the classic Make. However, OMake is a Make replacement (with a quite similar syntax, even), whereas CMake works on top of Make by generating traditional Makefiles and other project files. To meet one of Syllable’s milestone objectives, and in keeping with the project’s strive to reduce complexity and advance the state of the art, OMake was selected as the preferred make system for native Syllable projects. Support for OMake was implemented in Builder, Syllable’s module-level build system. OMake itself will be added to a future Developer’s Delight SDK. The Syllable system and its applications will migrate to it over time. Ported software will keep using their own internal build systems.