Pegasos NYC OPEN HOUSE + Demo of MOS 1.4

The first meeting of the New York City Pegasos Users Group is scheduled to occured in September. Read on for more information. *1st Meeting of New York City Pegasos User Group *

NYCPUG in co-operation with Magnetic Sytems brings you an OPEN HOUSE featuring Live Studio Demonstrations of a Pegasos System running MorphOS 1.4, Debian Linux, and Mac On Linux running MacOS X.


This is the debut meeting of the club and we are interesting in getting people there to experience the Pegasos and MorphOS first hand. How we are organizing it is as follows:

Date: Saturday.September 20th 2003.12pm – 5pm
Location: Magnetic Systems Studio – NYC

What we would like to do is get people to email
to RSVP. The meeting/demonstration will be postponed if less than 20 people say they are coming. The reason for this is that the Open House is intented to let people learn about the Pegasos system, Genesi, NYCPUG, and each other. It will be a social and professional gathering. Refreshments will be provided for all. If you have any interest in Amiga, Linux, MacOs, MOrphOS this is your chance to have a good time and see what the Pegasos can do in an installed studio environment.
The Pegasos will be shown connected to my LAN with an Amiga 4000T PPC and an Apple Ibook running OSX Jaguar. This LAN is connected to the internet via a router and ADSL connection. This way you will get to see how fast this system is in Real World internet tests. The Pegasos is also integrated with our video/audio studio and is outputed to an NEC 18in LCD monitor and a professional audio mixer.

Throughout the open houses various aspects of Pegasos will be shown:

MorphOS 1.4
Amiga Net Radio (Live Streaming of MP3s and downloading of songs for playback later)
Pro Station Audio
MAME ( and the chance to play games like JOUST, Pac Man, Zaxxon, and more)
Debian Linux running KDE 3.1 Desktop
DVD Playback on MOrphOS
Modern Games like Quake2, Freespace, Feeble Files, Birdie Shoot and more
Mac On Linux running Mac OS 9.2 and OS X Jaguar
and much more!

This is a one of a kind event and will be fun and informative for all.

To reserve a spot to make it happen (we need 20 ppl) please email. Also, if you have questions or concerns.

The open house will be hosted by myself and Jake M (Meers) It is very easy to access right off of the BQE (278) Highway. People from NY, NJ, and CT would have no trouble finding it or getting there. You will NOT have to go into Manhattan to get here. When you email full directions will be given.

Thank you very much and we’ll see you there!

For more information on Pegasos:


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