YellowTAB Zeta 1.0-RC2 Release Imminent

YellowTAB informed us that their testing of Release Candidate 2 of Zeta 1.0 has finished. They sent us two screenshots of Zeta 1.0-RC2 and Bernd Korz replies to two of our questions regarding the RC-2.1. When is RC-2 is going to be shipped? Are the RC1 owners will receive it for free?

We plan to start the next 14 days to ship it. Production is starting tomorrow and will need 5-8 working days. And Mensys will get them then to ship them.

As we mentioned in the past the R1 (==1.0) will sell for around 10 Euro for every pre-R1 customer.
Regarding RC-2 though, we made more then 900 changes and so it really makes sense users use it instead of RC1. We have not decided yet if the RC-2 will be available for a fee or free, but we will make sure we will inform our customers as soon as the decision is made.

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The new Zeta boot screen.

2. What are the main changes on RC2?

Radeon driver does work now. We updated the drivers for Radeon, Geforce.., we fixed all dead links, removed not working stuff, fixed a lot of bugs in Tracker, Deskbar, Installer… Updated all possible apps, almost finnished all translations, USB 2.0 EHCI got amazing improvements, IconCache is changed and makes the Icon Rendering faster (important in the Deskbar), Boneyard is
replaced. Several Preferences apps are now finnish rewritten and replaced.

LocaleKit to much more apps added. New versions for apps like Squeezer, Mozilla, Firebird, better email support for IMAP… DevKit is now working for R5 and Zeta, PersonalSettings got internal code improvements and fixes, SANE got more updates and works now well. Updated wget, gocr, dvdrecord. The list is MUCH longer…

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The Zeta desktop.


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