posted by Eugenia Loli on Tue 2nd Jul 2002 21:42 UTC
IconOSNews receives a lot of visitors every day, and while we try to equally report on all operating systems, including the commercial ones, most of our readership remains focused on open source. We have put together two polls for you, one to vote for your favorite Linux distribution and one of for your favorite X11 window manager or desktop environment. Read more and vote!

Update: From now on (I write this at a time the polls have about 350 votes each), the poll requires javascript. I tried to change the poll's original code in order to give a fair chance to all browsers to be able to vote, but some nasty readers were tampering a bit with the Debian and the Windowmaker options. So, when viewing the results, put in mind that these two options show a lot more percentage than they have in reality. Apply that fake additional percentage to the other options instead. As for the YellowDog option, it has been deleted from the poll altogether, as it was tampered with 33 additional votes from the first 10 minutes of this poll's existance. Can't we trust you, you guys, or what?

Note: You will need to click the vote button two times. Once for the Linux poll and once for the X11 poll. Don't worry, by clicking each vote button, it only sends the vote for that particular poll, not for the other one.

Update 2: The poll is now closed, thank you everyone for voting! The results are following.

The poll results
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