posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 30th Jan 2006 20:48 UTC, submitted by Matt Simpson
IconGeekPatrol puts their new cross platform benchmarking tool to work and compares 12 machines including the new iMacs, PowerMacs, an Athlon64, a P4c, and a Xeon. "The PowerPC G5 is still a good processor. In fact, itís still a great processor. Apple isnít switching to Intel chips because Intel chips perform better, but rather because a G5 would melt through the bottom of a laptop. The Athlon 64 edged out the Pentium 4c on all the CPU tests, while the Pentium 4c edged out the Athlon 64 on all the memory tests. It seems to me that Intel and AMD have had their different strengths all along, so I donít find this surprising. The Intel Core Duo is a great processor. It performed as well or better than the PowerPC G5 at similar clock speeds (1.8GHz and 2.0GHz), and has nowhere to go but up."
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