posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 17th Jul 2007 14:35 UTC, submitted by E. Stride
IconFrom Netcraft's latest web survey: "Microsoft adds 2.4 million sites this month, pushing the total number of sites running on Windows servers past 40 million, and helping Microsoft improve its market share by 1.01% to 32.8%. The open source Apache server has an increase of 556k, and slips back 1.11% to 52.65%. Google gains 592k sites this month, and now has 4.35% share. In active sites, Apache is now at 49.98% share, less than 14.5% ahead of Microsoft. While that's still a considerable lead, Apache had a 33.4% advantage at this time last July, meaning MS has cut its deficit in half in the past 12 months."
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