posted by Amjith Ramanujam on Thu 21st Aug 2008 18:07 UTC
Icon"Intel offered a sneak peek of the next-generation of its Classmate PC design at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco today. The new design features a tablet, touchscreen, and motion-sensing user interface, and is powered by - you guessed it - an Atom processor."

New Features:

  • Touchscreen — pen and on-screen soft keyboard
  • Tablet mode — simple user-interface shell; quick launcher for tablet mode
  • Enhanced software — easier network connection and collaboration simple computer management, and localized, education-friendly content

There is a side-by-side comparison chart in the ClassmatePC's website.

Quick Highlights:
  • A beefier processor (1.6 GHz Intel Atom)
  • Bigger hard-disk (Up to 8 GB flash HDD)
  • Increased battery life (Up to 6.5 hours)
  • An optional built-in camera

The ClassmatePC offers either Windows XP or Linux as operating system. There is no specific information about which distribution of Linux is used for the ClassmatePC. Mandriva Linux was used in the first generation ClassmatePC.

Looks like OLPC's competition is getting tougher.

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