posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 6th Jan 2009 16:43 UTC, submitted by Matthew Whitworth
IconDespite what the project name's suffix might imply, Whitix is in fact not a Linux distribution. Whitix is a new operating system, written from scratch, and aims to combine the stability of UNIX with the user friendliness of other platforms. "It will offer a consistent, clear interface and a new way to navigate the desktop while basing the fundamentals on proven system technology updated for the twenty-first century." The project released version 0.2 today.

Whitix 0.2 delivers several key improvements over the previous alpha release. It comes with a new hard drive installation utility (no partitioning support yet, though) which also sets up GRUB. File system support has also been broadened by adding write support for ext3, and read support for ReiserFS. There are more under-the-hood improvements, such as over 100 bug fixes in the kernel, as well as the introduction of KeObject and IcFs.

Various tools have also been ported to Whitix, such as Mono, the Mono c# compiler, GCC, LD, and make. The Burn shell has also seen a number of updates, such as tab completion in the new help system, as well as colour highlighting to display correct commands and parameters.

The project is licensed under the GPL, and can be downloaded from the download page.

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