posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 23rd Feb 2009 22:46 UTC
IconThanks to people familiar with PsyStar, we know now that the mediation procedure between PsyStar an Apple, a compulsory attempt at settling out of court, has failed to produce any outcome. It was mostly a going through the motions, according to WorldOfApple.

The settlement talks were mostly a non-story, as these talks are compulsory in some cases in California. Some had assumed that PsyStar would just get a bag of money from Apple to stop their actions, but it seems for sure now that the companies will go through with the actual court case.

Which is a good case, as I hope this will finally give a conclusive and high-profile outcome on the legality of the "Apple-branded-hardware-only" clause of the Mac OS X end-user license agreement.

The trial will be held November 2009.

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