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Arch Linux Team, 6/6
Where is a place you would like to create or simply need more development in?

Thomas B├Ąchler: More package update monkeys, as always.

Dieter Plaetinck, Giovanni Scafora:


Allan McRae: Packaging.
- improving the process (automating?) some of the larger rebuilds
- tools to check old packages still compile with current toolchain, etc.

Aaron Griffin: I am biased, but I feel our internal tools need more love. No one ever sees them or cares about them until they break. Improving internal tools also covers the automation cases that Allan mentioned, too.

Ionut Biru: Pacman. There are some cool things that users demand and have to be implemented.

Ronald van Haren: This would be the internal tools. I'm busy writing some automation tools myself and, although I have the basic functionality working, getting things like these integrated and complete take more time. I wouldn't mind to have somebody helping and getting things done more quickly as obviously time is limited besides all other tasks. I assume others feel the same way on their pet projects.

Pierre Schmitz: I would like to see more people working on improving the security of our infrastructure. Especially signed packages come to my mind.

Dan McGee: Stated above, but packaging automation.

Hugo Doria: I think Arch needs a security team. Even packaging the latest versions of software, which theoretically are with the security flaws corrected, a security team for Arch is necessary. At least to warn users about possible failures.

Also, delta packages would be welcome.

What are good things for users like us to do to help the development team out (for programmers and/or non-programmers)?

Allan McRae: Help out other users on the forums/irc. Write/update documentation on the wiki. Confirm and find fixes for bugs in the bug tracker. Use the [testing] repo and report bugs to the bug tracker. Buy devs beer if they are in the same town as you (although that can have a negative impact long term...).

Aaron Griffin: Echo what Allan said, but I'd like to add that all of our code is available via git and that anyone is welcome to submit patches.

Giovanni Scafora: I agree with Allan completely.

Ionut Biru: Users that are willing to break the system by helping us finding bugs. I see that are less users helping out developers with testing.

Ronald van Haren: I suppose programmers should be able to help in writing and finishing up the before mentioned development tools. Besides that, there is always a lot of work to do on the bugtracker and whatnot. Just choose something you like. ;-)

Pierre Schmitz: At first one should forget about developers on the one and users on the other side. Arch is a community distribution and as such everyone is able to make it their best system.

If you have any ideas for improvements, go ahead create a patch and present it to the community. General help is always welcome in e.g. developing our package manager (pacman), improving our documentation, giving support on the forums, IRC and mailing lists and, last but not least, reporting and resolving bugs in our tracking system. These are all excellent ways to help us.

Dan McGee:

  • File good bug reports. Do as much investigation as you can. Suggest possible resources to help solve the problem. Find out if another distro is seeing the same problem.
  • If you can, use [testing] and help us iron out issues. Almost anyone that uses [testing] should probably join the arch-dev-public ML as a read-only member to get the pulse of devland.
  • Join us for bug days. We are trying to do them once a month now.

Hugo Doria: Write/translate documentation, report bugs and create some patchs for our stuff. Give lectures about the distro and introduce Arch to friends also helps a lot.

OSNews would like to thank the OSNews readers for supplying the questions. We would also like to thank Aaron Griffin and the Arch Linux team for taking the time to answer them.

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