posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 4th Jun 2010 11:39 UTC, submitted by Amix
IconAnd the MorphOS team continues to expand their hardware support. They released MorphOS version 2.5 today, which adds support for Apple's eMac computers (the 1.25Ghz models, the 1.42 models have not yet been tested). Of course, there's also a whole load of fixes and improvements, too.

After adding support for the G4 Mac Mini, the MorphOS team has expanded support for PowerPC Macs by adding the eMac G4 to the list. The 1.25Ghz model will surely work, but they warn they haven't tested the 1.42Ghz model.

"The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 2.5, the fifth new OS version since the debut of MorphOS 2.0 in the same month two years ago," the team writes, "MorphOS 2.5 finally adds the Apple eMac to its list of officially supported platforms. In addition to the extended hardware support, existing users will benefit from various bug fixes and a few new features."

The list of improvements and fixes goes a little over my head, since my experience with this Amiga-inspired operating system is remarkably limited, sadly. I do know this: they've got a celebratory sale going on, so profit from that one while you can.

"In anticipation of the 2nd anniversary of the release of MorphOS 2.0 later this month, you are now able to purchase a MorphOS keyfile at the special celebratory price of 111,11 EUR (includ. 19% VAT), the same price that was available to the very first buyers of version 2 of MorphOS during our introductory phase in 2008," the team details.

Dust off that G4 Mac Mini or eMac and have a go at it.

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