posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 8th Sep 2010 22:09 UTC
IconThere's this hole here at OSNews, a hole left when Psystar was dealt a devastating blow by Apple's legal team. That whole saga provided a nice steady stream of news articles that's been dried up for a while. However, Psystar was not the only clone maker out there - what happened to Quo Computer, that clone maker with an actual real-world store front? They're still here, and just launched a new product.

Quo Computer always felt like a sightly classier version of Psystar, but also one that stayed out of the spotlight most of the time. Psystar got all the media attention, and had to pay for it; Apple sued, and won - won big time. Psystar is done for, but its death has not deterred Quo Computer's owner Rashantha De Silva from continuing his business.

And apparently, he's doing quite well. Just today, Quo Computer has launched a new machine, available starting September 15. The top-of-the-line maxQ gets knocked up a notch, sporting an Intel Core i7 six-core 3.6Ghz CPU, 12GB of RAM, a 240GB SSD, a 1TB HD, and an NVIDIA 285 GTX, and gets renamed to maxQ2. The beast of a machine will be cooled by liquid cooling solutions from Asetek, who issued a press release about this fact.

"Asetek recently demonstrated how liquid cooling can both quiet and increase the performance of an Apple Mac Pro," said Steve Branton, Director of Marketing at Asetek, "QUO's liquid cooled maxQ2 computers enable Mac OS X enthusiasts to get the benefits of liquid cooling in an extremely powerful computer, without the effort of retrofitting liquid cooling into an existing Mac Pro."

Quo's website hasn't been updated yet, but I'm sure they'll get that in order before September 15. OSNews reader oso2k, who provided us with the article about Quo's store, including photos, wrote a year ago that he expected Quo to be around for a while.

"I'm expecting Quo to be around for a while," he wrote, "I'm also expecting Quo to do quite well. They seem to have a steady flow of customers and they're continually looking to expand. I was given a sneak peak at their future line and I was impressed."

Turns out he was right. We're a year down the line, Quo is still humming along, and will launch an impressive computer next week. Fascinating.

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