posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 5th Jan 2011 21:22 UTC
IconJust - just hold on a second. This is big: NVIDIA, maker of graphics accelerator chips, has just announced, during its keynote at CES, that it is developing a high-performance ARM-based processor together with ARM, targeted squarely at the desktop, server, and even high-performance computing markets. That Windows on ARM thing? NVIDIA referenced it multiple times! Update: Boom, and we have a press release. "NVIDIA announced today that it plans to build high-performance ARM based CPU cores, designed to support future products ranging from personal computers and servers to workstations and supercomputers. Known under the internal codename 'Project Denver', this initiative features an NVIDIA CPU running the ARM instruction set, which will be fully integrated on the same chip as the NVIDIA GPU."

The keynote only just ended, so we'll probably be updating this article as events unfold. The news is this: inside NVIDIA, a team has been working in collaboration with ARM to develop a high-performance targeted at the desktop, server, and even high-performance computing. The project is called Denver.

It's in development at this point, so this is all I could gather from the liveblogs. Stay tuned for more - I'm sure Microsoft's keynote tonight has something to say about this as well!

Exciting times!

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