posted by Sebastien Onglis on Mon 2nd May 2011 22:13 UTC
IconLike Britney Spears, Jeff Johnson did it again and decided to fork rpm once more. Following a week long outage of the main website, he announced on the Mandriva development mailing list the launch of, without giving much explanation. Without more information, some people speculate this was caused by an intrusive merge by a Mandriva coder without discussing beforehand, while some others speak of the heavy criticism due to the migration, which still causing issues after several months.

The rpm 5 migration was decided by Mandriva management, citing reasons related to the European research project Mancoosi in a message by Arnaud Laprevote, then CTO of Mandriva. But for months, the switch plagued Mandriva development, leading to planning changes, breakage in the installer, issues in others projects, and various flame wars about changes that were not discussed. Nonetheless, after enough work, rpm migration was fully completed and working fine so Mandriva could prepare for the stable release on 9 June 2011.

Yet, just before Easter weekend, the website, cvs and mls went missing without much talk, except for one message on twitter. The first public answer appeared some days later when someone asked about it on the mailing list, citing concerns about the leadership of the project. But Jeff's rude answers didn't lead to much explanation until the unveiling of the url a few days later, and the various changes in the cvs commit access.

Could this be the start of a new breakthrough in package management, or yet another episode in rpm saga that started with the famous bug 119185 in 2004?

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