posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 2nd Feb 2015 15:47 UTC

ELEKS decided to build a 3rd party Tesla application for the Apple Watch.

So, from the development perspective, Apple Watch is currently a quite limited device with a weak potential for programmers. No, hold on. Perhaps this statement isn't entirely correct, since the smart watch isn't selling yet and we can only make our assumptions based on the SDK that is in its first Beta stage. As a result, we get rather mixed feelings from the smart watch. On the one hand - everything is beautiful, new and interesting, and on the other - the stripped-down functionality makes it impossible to develop beautifully designed really functional apps right now.

Watch the video of the application in action.

"Let me unlock my car by fiddling with the homescreen on my watch' tiny, stamp-sized screen, looking for the Tesla app, pressing and holding on one of the arbitrary screens of the application and pressing the tiny unlock button."

Meanwhile, any sane person is already halfway home.

As my general attitude towards the Apple Watch as well as my very negative review of Android Wear/the Moto 360 make clear, I just don't see any benefit in the way Android Wear/Apple Watch currently implement the concept of a smartwatch. It's just way too much fiddly and cumbersome computer on a far too tiny display on devices that require far too much charging.

How long will it take for you to stop using that fiddly and time-consuming Tesla unlock process on your watch and just get out your keys/use keyless entry instead? Once the initial novelty wore off, my Moto 360 ended up in my device drawer within a matter of days. I don't see myself using it again, and so far, I've seen nothing to indicate the Apple Watch will be any different (for me! Your mileage may vary! This is an opinion! Yours may be different! Deal with it!).

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